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(Warning: If the title was enough to put a twist in your knickers, don’t bother reading on. I probably used words too big for you anyway.) It’s not that I hate your god, it’s that I detest his damn followers. (I know. This is a food blog and I’m not sure what god has to […]

New Year’s Resolution: A commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. That’s Wikipedia’s definition – I guess they think now’s the time to reform your nasty little habits. Hrmpf. Like I’m going to stop buying Little Debbie snack […]

Ah, the joy of the holiday season. Time for baking up batches of cookies, candies, bars, cakes and more all to celebrate the arrival of a fat man in a red suit. Not that I need an excuse to buy Costco-sized parcels of butter. This year, in search of inspiration, I pounced on the innerwebs […]

We know what you’re thinking. Once again those fun-loving chubby chicks got sucked into an endless feeding loop at a 24-hour all-you-can-eat casino buffet, and forgot all about their blog. It’s not our fault. They just keep bringing out troughs of food for the chowing herd and sometimes we just can’t help ourselves from gorging […]

Another month brings another FattyChow challenge of cupcake bakeries in Seattle. Trophy Cupcakes selection of the month, as promoted on their website, was a Chocolate Stout (with chocolate stout buttercream frosting). However when I bounced in the door two days ago they also had a Boston Cream Pie Cupcake which I simply could not ignore, […]

If you aren’t one of the one million viewers who have seen Fat Rant you might as well just go ahead and watch it now. The ranter, Joy Nash, is an activist, actress and writer, so there’s a bit of self promotion built in to the mini film, but her encouragement on living up fatty […]

Ever wonder why Oprah keeps packing on the pounds? Why it’s Fat Satan, of course. This discovery is when I first fell in hearts for the chubby chicks over at Fatshionista. The writings from these ladies are charming and inspirational, and we always admire a couple of fatty gals with good hearts and righteous minds. […]