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Life is destined to be an adventure in learning, and I’d like to think that most of the time it includes growth opportunities, as we learn new tidbits and tales that teach us how to be more substantive beings. But this week has been a lesson in what not to do, or maybe just identify […]

In this month’s Cupcake Showdown, we have Cupcake Royale with the Huckleberry cupcake and (almost) Trophy’s Blueberry Pie cupcake. And they’re tied. For last place. Last place for Trophy: I stopped by to get a Blueberry Pie cupcake from the Wallingford store. Twice. You’ve always been my favorite, but after several failed attempts to get […]

As a card-carrying Crazy Cat Lady, this Fatty is all for saving fuzzy critters, but I’m not down with blindly towing the line for the freaks at PETA. First off, this group runs itself like a religious cult, from the over-bearing leaders ordering minions what to eat, what to buy, where to sit and how […]

First off, let me accept my shame by admitting that I have again committed a food sin, this time by knowingly and willingly taking in a dinner at crApplebee’s, the notoriously dull chain that seeps everything I loathe about suburban blandness. Lured in by a dining companion, we elected offerings from the current $20 promo […]

The Fatties would like to take a minute out of our normal fun food fighting to tackle an issue that is simply too overwhelmingly disturbing to ignore. In our attempt to make our obnoxious rant at least somewhat food-related, we’d like to not only skewer this guys nuts up onto a big steel rod, but […]

There are those that will eat any ol’ bowl of broth with vermicelli noodles and consider it good pho. Pho is cheap, popular in the PNW where there is a large Asian population, and, unfortunately, very trendy right now, which makes every asshole in the world want to open a pho restaurant. Signature on lower […]

We gave you ample warning a year ago, Rachel Ray. Little did we know how much this would foreshadow the marketing bullshit you’d pull off over the past 386 days. You went from a food special on making dog treats to actually marketing them. Yeah, yeah—100% of the proceeds go to YOUR charity and you’ve […]