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If you’ve been searching for a brick oven big enough to cook up a VW bug, look no further than Tutta Bella Pizzaria, located just off 45th and Stone Way in an area nudged between Wallingford and Green Lake. (You’ll probably driven by it visiting my former neighbourhood liquor store, which was recently commandeered by […]

It’s not a secret—I am a conundrum. I have more expensive shoes and handbags than a woman needs, yet I’m lucky if I shower more than twice a week sometimes. I get my hair done at one of the nicest salons in Seattle, yet I have no problem going out to breakfast straight from the […]

The Basil Cafe is located on halfway down the island, on Bayview corner, where you’ll find a swinging Saturday Market throughout the summer months. Asian fare is stretch for this tourist-driven island town, but when the young man cooking up the food sat down, (at the end of his shift) smack dab in the middle […]

In this month’s Cupcake Showdown, we have Cupcake Royale with the Huckleberry cupcake and (almost) Trophy’s Blueberry Pie cupcake. And they’re tied. For last place. Last place for Trophy: I stopped by to get a Blueberry Pie cupcake from the Wallingford store. Twice. You’ve always been my favorite, but after several failed attempts to get […]

Bravo TV welcomes back its foodie reality show, Top Chef, this time throwing contestants in a Vegas hotel for a sin-city beatdown. This season starts off with some 40 chefs. Well, it might as well be 40. I swear these shows are doubling the crowd every year – there’s no point in learning names for […]

First off, let me accept my shame by admitting that I have again committed a food sin, this time by knowingly and willingly taking in a dinner at crApplebee’s, the notoriously dull chain that seeps everything I loathe about suburban blandness. Lured in by a dining companion, we elected offerings from the current $20 promo […]

 **(a post that breaks blog-length “rules,” but when you see how much food we ate, you’ll see there was no way around this) Where the motto is “It’s not your Momma’s Meatloaf,” Diner 437 more than delivers on that promise and exceeds all expectations. In fact, self-proclaiming that they serve “American Comfort Food” is nothing […]