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Let’s face it, the pasta you choose stars as the big sexy meaty body that makes up the substance of your macaroni and cheese wet dreams. Choosing the right noodle is essential for setting up your dish for success, as the pasta must lay down, tightly embracing each other while cooking, a perfectly set meal […]

Dust off those capris, drag out those flip flops and take a razor to that 40-acre foreset you call your legs – it’s springtime in the northwest!  For you vampires and and overcast lovin crusty-skinned girls who live for the days when the thick gray soupy sky drips onto our horizon. This time of year […]

I’ll be the first to admit it, I have expensive taste. I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t think twice about having a different designer handbag to match everything I own. The other Fatty and I take pride in knowing that we’re supporting our local economy—someone has to keep Nordstrom in business. With my […]

Most humblest apologies to our FattyChow Fans for the lapse in posting. While one Fatty has been submerged in trivial work-related happenings, the other has been slumbering in a Vicodin daze. As such, after rigorous testing, I offer you the best foods to accompany your narcotics of choice: liquor, beer, Cheetos, wine, Slurpees, cold medicine, […]

No-Bake Cookies


Straight from the crusty, old family recipe box, we bring you a classic – Chocolate Peanut Boiled Cookies, or No-Bake Cookies, as they are often regarded. Although I’m sure butter is a possible substitute here, I elected to stay true to the 79 cents/box Imperial margarine. 1 cup brown sugar ½ cup milk 4 tablespoons […]

With the cold, cloudy skies covering the state, it’s time to welcome soup day. So get out your fancy cast iron pots and cozy up with a bowl of warm creamy soup. As usual, I amended another recipe to suit my needs, converting a Cooking Light Potato Crab Chowder to my own Spinster Tater Corn […]

Sour Cream Pound Cake with Rum Glaze (Cooking Light). This recipe produced quite a surprise – a booze-spiked cake donut! How lovely the pairing… sweet sugary cake with warm spicy rum. The instructions suggested using a tube pan, but I made mine in mini-Bundts, because, let’s face it, making something in a cute and little version just […]