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…so you might as well eat fried chicken! Well, my fellow fatty, you went and did it. After 214 Friday morning chats over hashbrowns, coffee, and syrupy stuffs; after countless hours of “working from home” and enjoying beer on the front patio at Sweet Betty Blue; after hundreds of blog posts about food, fat, and […]

Life is destined to be an adventure in learning, and I’d like to think that most of the time it includes growth opportunities, as we learn new tidbits and tales that teach us how to be more substantive beings. But this week has been a lesson in what not to do, or maybe just identify […]

 **(a post that breaks blog-length “rules,” but when you see how much food we ate, you’ll see there was no way around this) Where the motto is “It’s not your Momma’s Meatloaf,” Diner 437 more than delivers on that promise and exceeds all expectations. In fact, self-proclaiming that they serve “American Comfort Food” is nothing […]

Fans! You love us! You really love us! We’re elated, ecstatic and overjoyed that FattyChow has reached our 10,000th hit this week! Yay! And we want to take a moment to thank you, our fans, our followers and our fellow Fatties, for playing on our front lawn, no matter how long the grass got, or […]

Pirates these days are really giving Pirates a bad name, aren’t they? So, I think we should back the Norse warriors for now. Vikings it is. For my first shout-out to the Vikings, I went to the Viking Tavern in our charming Swedish town, Ballard. It’s the quintessential neighborhood bar: comfy, the bartenders know you […]

SOLD OUT! Tagged as the social event of forever, you can rest assured your local chow hound girls, the Fatties, will be there in person, bright-eyed and empty-bellied, ready to indulge in some tasty fried pork goods. If you want to know more about this one, jump over to Tom’s site and you’ll find a […]

  If food is love, then soul food is a hot, steamy, torrid love affair—neither is good for your heart, but you just can’t stop going back for more. The Kingfish Café delivers not just traditional soul food, but also food that is made with soul. You can actually taste the love in the fried […]