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More American than Apple Pie, classic Macaroni and Cheese is a family tradition that spans the regions of our country. In the south, we’ll find variations included fried macaroni and cheese balls (locally you can find them on the kids menu at the Blazing Onion in Mill Creek) or casseroles studded with various pork bits. […]

As a traditionalist, I opt for the bechamel sauce base in my macaroni and cheese dish. The basic deal: melt butter in saucepan, add flour, cook it up for a couple seconds, and add milk (cold, skim, whole fat, whatever), then stir vigorously. This is considered a milk sauce or milk gravy, but tastes like […]

Let’s face it, the pasta you choose stars as the big sexy meaty body that makes up the substance of your macaroni and cheese wet dreams. Choosing the right noodle is essential for setting up your dish for success, as the pasta must lay down, tightly embracing each other while cooking, a perfectly set meal […]

Dust off those capris, drag out those flip flops and take a razor to that 40-acre foreset you call your legs – it’s springtime in the northwest!  For you vampires and and overcast lovin crusty-skinned girls who live for the days when the thick gray soupy sky drips onto our horizon. This time of year […]

For those interested in classic Seattle history we visited old-timey Richmond Beach this week to take in dinner at Hills Neighborhood Restaurant, located next door to a fire house off 195th. We were intrigued by the packed in parking lot for this tiny joint tucked in behind a law office. Even mid-week the lot was […]

As us locals know, Seattle has a long history of failed barbecue joints. Even those brave entrepreneurs who ventured in our weak PNW barbecue industry were met with cold ugly reality that the average Seattlite lacks the proper taste for knowing the difference between good brisket and an old pair of Birkenstocks. What other explanation […]

  I recently received lunch provided by a dear fellow FattyChow reader. It started promising because I’m all for nostalgia, so when I spotted the Blue Box Mac n’ Cheese on the counter, I was ready to dig in. I offered to dish out the cheesy noodle goodness, filling all other plates before mine. This […]

…so you might as well eat fried chicken! Well, my fellow fatty, you went and did it. After 214 Friday morning chats over hashbrowns, coffee, and syrupy stuffs; after countless hours of “working from home” and enjoying beer on the front patio at Sweet Betty Blue; after hundreds of blog posts about food, fat, and […]

If you’ve been searching for a brick oven big enough to cook up a VW bug, look no further than Tutta Bella Pizzaria, located just off 45th and Stone Way in an area nudged between Wallingford and Green Lake. (You’ll probably driven by it visiting my former neighbourhood liquor store, which was recently commandeered by […]

 **(a post that breaks blog-length “rules,” but when you see how much food we ate, you’ll see there was no way around this) Where the motto is “It’s not your Momma’s Meatloaf,” Diner 437 more than delivers on that promise and exceeds all expectations. In fact, self-proclaiming that they serve “American Comfort Food” is nothing […]