Bacon-Schmacon; Vegan-Schmegan


The perfect conundrum:Bacon-wrapped Tofu

It’s not a secret—I am a conundrum. I have more expensive shoes and handbags than a woman needs, yet I’m lucky if I shower more than twice a week sometimes. I get my hair done at one of the nicest salons in Seattle, yet I have no problem going out to breakfast straight from the bed with JBF hair without bothering to even run a comb through it.

My eating habits are no exception. I love piggies—and I eat bacon. I’ll eat a steak for dinner, but I refuse to buy any leather furniture for my new home. I chose my hardwood stain because it reminded me of bacon. I love tofu. Given a choice between scrambled eggs and scrambled tofu, I’ll take the tofu every time. Choice between fries and tofu fries? Tofu fries, no doubt. It’s like Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu.

I am a flexitarian. According to Wikipedia, a flexitarian is someone who identifies themselves primarily as a vegetarian who occasionally eats meat. OK—that’s fucking stupid. You’re either vegetarian or you’re not. Don’t be a moron. If you eat meat, you simply can’t call yourself a vegetarian—if you eat meat, you have not embraced a vegetarian lifestyle. Stop trying to be cool. I posit that a flexitarian is someone who is “vegetarian- “ or “vegan-friendly.” That’s me. I’m a meat eater and I don’t pretend to be otherwise. But I also seriously dig on some vegetarian and vegan cuisine.  Good food is good food—whether it has animal product or not. I can chow down at El Gaucho or Carmelita and be perfectly happy either way. I’m flexible. I’m a flexitarian.

I encourage meat-eaters to stop poo-poo’ing it and try vegetarian and vegan food. I’m not preaching the lifestyle, but always encourage trying good food. (Note: No matter how hard I try, none of my veggie friends will succumb to my pork-belly encouragements…). Meat eaters: open your minds and palates to vegan food. Believe it or not, food does taste good without animal products. Two cases in point, if you’d like to give it a whirl, are these beginner dishes from two Seattle restaurants:

  • The Basic Breakfast at the Wayward Café: perfectly-seasoned tofu scramble with hashbrowns and artisan toast—really, the bread is amazing.
  • The Greek Ohmlette at the Squid & Ink: tofu with black olives, artichokes, roma tomatoes; hashbrowns with plenty of crispy parts (vegans do believe in oil—yum, oil!); and toast (just so-so, but the hashbrowns and savory ohmlette make up for the lame toast). P.S. I wish they’d get a real Web site one of these days. I’m practically embarrassed to post a MySpace link…

Try it. You might like it. And if you do, here’s a great resource with plenty of other veggie and vegan options in Seattle: Vegan Score.


One Response to “Bacon-Schmacon; Vegan-Schmegan”

  1. 1 karen teal

    Me too, wholeheartedly! Bacon, oil, etc. I will even be a llittle brash about the whole thing and ask everyone this piercing question: after nursing other terminal patients, have you ever seen a chubby person in a coffin? heh. So that is why I say enjoy yourself. You don’t have to eat a case of chocolate a day. That’s bad. But if you vary it, and live it up, God love you.

    after all the diets, when I was way down, I wasn’t happening. Guys: this is the truth.

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