Fatties Wander Off Again…


We know what you’re thinking. Once again those fun-loving chubby chicks got sucked into an endless feeding loop at a 24-hour all-you-can-eat casino buffet, and forgot all about their blog. It’s not our fault. They just keep bringing out troughs of food for the chowing herd and sometimes we just can’t help ourselves from gorging on bodacious buckets of kibble.

So maybe that’s not exactly what happened. Truth be told one fatty did pour a giant bowl of food for the cat and then hitched a ride on a plane headed for the African safari. Fatty Freef spent a month absorbing all that this distant continent has to offer. And if you haven’t received your postcard yet, it should arrive before summer sets in. For a rundown of the adventure and mayhem, you can read all about her exploits (including insights into the mysterious world of the water rhino) in the partner blog, Terminal Illness. If that wasn’t enough stress the Freef went all adult on us and bought a big ol’ house. Brace yourself. Chaos will most certainly ensue.

Meanwhile, back in the pnw there was a lonely fatty with far too much time on her hands. So after bundling up scraps of felt, bottles of paint, handfuls of bobbles and several wayward clothespins there was manicraft destiny ahead. The results are a collection of stuffed animal plushies made into Christmas tree ornaments and a rebirth of an old classic, the clothespin doll. Rather than the toy soldier uniform, this time they were suited in themed costumes, provided with props and gathered up in gangs to serve as holiday ornament sets. The first set was inspired by Star Wars (the original trilogy) to work as a gift for the jedi in our family who dedicates an entire tree to his collections purchased to support the George Lucas retirement fund. Even a death star tree topper was crafted for those mini trees suited for desktop décor. Next came the Star Trek: The Next Generation set. Then the A-Team (yes, including the van), the Golden Girls, the original Star Trek and then the Star Trek: Deep Space 9. I admit this is clear evidence of full-blown case of dorkage. And if you are similarly afflicted and you’d like to buy a bundle of your own, just ping a fatty near you or jump on the Fatty Factory Etsy page here.

Our apologies for falling off the wagon. We promise to get back in the kitchen and update you on our latest food adventures. Rest assured, we certainly aren’t dieting and haven’t stopped eating, and nobody has managed to tie us down and wire our jaws shut yet. The chow is on and we’ll be reporting on food and festivities during this holiday season. Ho – de – ho – ho.


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