October Cupcake Battle


cupcake battleAnother month brings another FattyChow challenge of cupcake bakeries in Seattle. Trophy Cupcakes selection of the month, as promoted on their website, was a Chocolate Stout (with chocolate stout buttercream frosting). However when I bounced in the door two days ago they also had a Boston Cream Pie Cupcake which I simply could not ignore, so this was the one we selected for the throwdown. It was a good imitation of the real deal – a yellow cake filled with a pastry cream center and topped with thick chocolate ganache. To be quite fair I should state that this is already a cake I adore. Really, what isn’t better with a dollup of pastry cream shot in the middle. Unfortunately this one could use some improvement. While it was quite moist (I cringe to think how much oil they put in these things), it could have used stronger flavours, more vanilla, more eggs, more something. But all in all when the cake was enjoyed with all three elements, it was simply delightful.

Then we made a quick run down to Ballard and popped in Cupcake Royale to choose one of their three monthly offerings: Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Maple and Carrot Cake. After a little urging from the cupcake girls working the counter we opted for the Pumpkin Maple. Again they nail the texture, as we’re talking super moist squishy cake interior. It did lack a little flavour, but they do advertise this a, a “lightly spiced pumpkin cake” which sounds more like a defense than a feature. The maple cream cheese frosting was truly the best part of this treat and would be amazing smeared across a slice of banana bread. The three offerings this month were a bit dull on the visual side, with cakes dressed in all khaki shades of tan and beige. Sadly some misguided baker took it upon herself to sprinkle little coloured candy maple leafs on top of this cake for a little jazz. The problem is that adding crunchy hard candy bits to a moist and creamy cupcake was a bad idea and made for a bad ending.

october cupcakes

In the end our winner is Trophy’s Boston Cream Pie! And since the month is just about over you best hustle your tushy over to your nearest Trophy shop to cram one of these babies in your mouth before you kill all your taste buds this weekend. You know, because you’ll be crushing those bags of candy sitting at the front door soon. The ones that have been taunting you all week. And sure, you needed all six bags. Not that you got more than 4 trick or treaters last year. Besides they’re little bites. Tiny barely anythings. Probably burn more calories ripping open the wrapper. Sure. Why not.


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