Loves for Fatshonista


fat chickEver wonder why Oprah keeps packing on the pounds? Why it’s Fat Satan, of course. This discovery is when I first fell in hearts for the chubby chicks over at Fatshionista. The writings from these ladies are charming and inspirational, and we always admire a couple of fatty gals with good hearts and righteous minds. Their blog, started way back in 2004, features posts on fat, fashion, social justice and pop culture. Smartie fatties are even better.

Fatshionista gained notoriety with their recent coverage of More to Love, the fat-friendly version of The Bachelor. While the show was nearly painful to watch – from the closeups of greasy food feasts to the showering of tears during every episode as sad fatties recounted heart-wrenching tales of lonely prom nights and being subjected to endless rounds of teasing and taunting. Rather than showing the audience that even big girls can get dates, Fox producers glorified the desperation of all singles and amped up the desperate factor for chubby chicks looking for love. Fortunately the girls at Fatshionista provided an episode summary, offering a hilarious play by play of the dating game which was far more entertaining than enduring the actual TV show. If you missed the series, but were tempted by the rumors and wanted to know just how bad the show was I’d suggest reading back on the posts for Fat Chicks Crying (or just hit the review of the final episode).

These ladies at Fatshionista are obviously far more professional, serious and  respected… but they are like us in that they started with a simple goal: to get “shit to fit.” Perfectly reasonable request, yet remains as difficult as ever to find flattering fatty fashions. We agree that we are all quite finished with the crap they slop on shelves over at Lane Bryant, more appropriately renamed Lame Giant. The have always had ongoing sizing issues – where nothing really fits – ass too huge, pants too short, and honestly they have the most ginormous granny panties I’ve ever seen… seriously they are big enough to tent a family of four. A few years ago a new chub store opened at Northgate targeted to the big girl crowd. It’s official name is Torrid, but we’ve all come to know it better as FattySlutty. Best known for coochie-length skirts that are wider than they are longer, this place lets the skank living inside all of us to come out and play. The bloggers cover these stores and other fashion finds online. They also talk about the much-debated fat acceptance movement which has also hit the pages of major mags and news points. And now, during the time when the country is discussing health care legislation and blame for skyrocketing costs are are being targeted on the sick, the old and the fat. Well, this is a good place to get plugged in and be a part of the chatter.


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