Basil Cafe (Langley, Whidbey Island, Washington)


basil cafe appsThe Basil Cafe is located on halfway down the island, on Bayview corner, where you’ll find a swinging Saturday Market throughout the summer months. Asian fare is stretch for this tourist-driven island town, but when the young man cooking up the food sat down, (at the end of his shift) smack dab in the middle of the restaurant to eat his own food, I thought it can’t be all that bad. My first trip (days earlier) was so good, I came back for a fix within the week. And I can recommend the variety of vermicelli dishes, as long as you take advantage of the selection of sauces available on the table. On this latest venture, the sun was setting and it was turning late in the evening. So we figured the place was surely about to close and quickly selected the combo appetizer platter, which included spring rolls, egg rolls, pot stickers, chicken skewers and chicken wings. The gyoza and wings were hot, crispy and oh-so-tasty good. But there must have been an abundant crop of mint this season (that stuff spreads like a wild case of herpes at a frat house) because the shrimp spring rolls were insanely stuffed full of the noxious leaves, making the whole thing taste like a mouthful of seafood toothpaste. Ew. Unless you’re on some winning first date and want Colgate breath for some late night necking, I’d steer clear of this bad boy. Other than the miss with the spring roll, the Basil Cafe is a good place to take a breather and munch on pot stickers before you get stuck in the ferry line. And if it’s not raining, sit out on the fountain patio where you can check out the local scenery. If you take the time you might just spot the little bunnies and families of deer that tend to hide behind the trees. And know that the wildlife roams freely around here, so on your way out please try to not to slam your car into the fuzzy residents.

bunny crossing


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