TruBlood, Pot Stickers and Surviving Vampire Ninja Attacks


trubloodOn sale today! The TruBlood branded beverage is now available for purchase from the folks over at HBO. Although the new bottled soft drink was announced several weeks ago at Comic-Con, they weren’t available for purchase until the buzz finally died down on the net (when will they learn?). The bottles look legit, but rather than containing the simulated blood-substitute manufactured to keep the vamps alive, this is actually just a blood orange carbonated drink. Are you willing to shell out $16 for four bottles of fizzy pop just to satisfy your vampire obsession? Well, maybe. If so, HBO even went so far as to provide a few sample drink recipes for bartenders hoping some blood suckers will show up at their door.

  • The Fangbanger – Tru Blood & Vodka
  • Death on the Beach – Tru Blood, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice & Vodka
  • Plasmapolitan – Tru Blood, Citron, Cointreau & Fresh Lime Juice

Unfortunately there were no food pairing selections, since vampires allegedly don’t eat. But since we’re Fatties, we suggest chasing your bloody cocktails with a few appetizers, something with an Asian flare. Dim sum offerings with deep umami flavours and a hint of heat would work well with a citrus drink. And for the best luck chefs should prepare at least three samplings, choosing from some of my favs like pot stickers, pork buns, Chinese barbecue spareribs, egg rolls, garlic chicken wings, spring rolls and pork and scallion shu mai. And if you serve them in proper dim sum steamer baskets maybe a few Vampire Ninjas* will stop by for a taste.

dim sum basket

* No really, click it. There’s a website for Vampire Ninjas (why not Ninja Vampires? Cuz that’s a band. Good grief. I shit you not, I checked it out. They claim to have “hip hop stylings and beautiful melodies.” You best go get your iPod right now). Anyway, the site does include the history of vampire ninjas and how to survive an attack. So, there ya go. We just saved your life.


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