Who wants nice, when there’s The Naughty Kitchen


chef becks shoesSporting a pair of flaming, shiny, hot pink shoes and matching coat (look familiar?), Chef Blythe Beck made her debut on Oxygen last night, during a preview of her new show coming this month, The Naughty Kitchen. What is it, you ponder. Well, I had originally thought it would be some new scandalous reality show with gorging fatties competing in challenges where food meets sex. Ew. Fortunately it’s nowhere near that skeevy! Instead, we were introduced to the executive chef and star of the show, a superstar Fatty in her own right, Ms. Blythe Beck. She’s the executive chef from Central 214, which specializes in soulful comfy cuisine in a boutique hotel in Houston, Texas. And she’s sassy and big assy, so, obviously we’re already huge, HUGE fans. She rules the kitchen with hot pink flare, taking time to insult stupid waiters and even stupider hostesses. And we fell in love when she made totally inappropriate advances towards Calvin, one of those minion waiters, who happens to be also be a steamy hot chocolate daddy. Blythe spared no shame, as she seductively rubbed her giant teta’s on this big chunk of man meat. Clearly, her mouth and attitude are going to get her into a heap of trouble (told ya! now you see the Fatty resemblance, eh?). With it’s nighttime spot on the schedule, I’m hoping that we may even get a censorship-free edition of the mayhem to come. Chef Blythe, who you can find on Facebook and Twitter, promises to introduce us to Sexy New American Cuisine and let us follow her on the quest towards Total World Culinary Domination. I haven’t been this excited about a new show since I heard they were actually going to start throwing Survivor contestants in a volcano. (Wait. Did that ever happen? I hope that wasn’t just a rumor.) Anyway, I say you put this one on your DVR now (for September 22nd), because we’re predicting Chef Blythe is going to be a superstar and this show is going to be an enormous hit. Besides, who wants nice when you can have a seat in The Naughty Kitchen…

naughty kitchen staff


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