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The Basil Cafe is located on halfway down the island, on Bayview corner, where you’ll find a swinging Saturday Market throughout the summer months. Asian fare is stretch for this tourist-driven island town, but when the young man cooking up the food sat down, (at the end of his shift) smack dab in the middle […]

We love cake. It’s genetically coded into the DNA of all fatties. So normally we eat any form of cake that isn’t securely locked away behind glass cases. Cupcakes, pancakes, Hostess Cakes, cheesecakes… I could go on. However I think we’ve hit the wall when it comes to cakes on television. It’s out of control. […]

In this month’s Cupcake Showdown, we have Cupcake Royale with the Huckleberry cupcake and (almost) Trophy’s Blueberry Pie cupcake. And they’re tied. For last place. Last place for Trophy: I stopped by to get a Blueberry Pie cupcake from the Wallingford store. Twice. You’ve always been my favorite, but after several failed attempts to get […]

On sale today! The TruBlood branded beverage is now available for purchase from the folks over at HBO. Although the new bottled soft drink was announced several weeks ago at Comic-Con, they weren’t available for purchase until the buzz finally died down on the net (when will they learn?). The bottles look legit, but rather […]

Sporting a pair of flaming, shiny, hot pink shoes and matching coat (look familiar?), Chef Blythe Beck made her debut on Oxygen last night, during a preview of her new show coming this month, The Naughty Kitchen. What is it, you ponder. Well, I had originally thought it would be some new scandalous reality show […]

Bravo TV welcomes back its foodie reality show, Top Chef, this time throwing contestants in a Vegas hotel for a sin-city beatdown. This season starts off with some 40 chefs. Well, it might as well be 40. I swear these shows are doubling the crowd every year – there’s no point in learning names for […]

As a card-carrying Crazy Cat Lady, this Fatty is all for saving fuzzy critters, but I’m not down with blindly towing the line for the freaks at PETA. First off, this group runs itself like a religious cult, from the over-bearing leaders ordering minions what to eat, what to buy, where to sit and how […]