Fatty Potato Harvest 2009


potato harvest 2009This year this Fatty attempted to grow my own food. Amazingly enough – I succeeded! Feast your eyes upon this plentiful bounty of tasty homegrown spuds. We planted our french fry feast in a large 50-gallon trash can and followed the close directions of the kind staff at Bayview Farm & Garden, where we purchased our infantile sprouts a few months ago. This is a perfect planting solution for those of you that want to grow your own chow even if you lack an actual yard. Here’s how:

  1. Obtain big bucket and bag o’ soil.

  2. Get sproutlings at plant nursery. (Taters from the grocery store don’t work well because they actually spray stuff on them that inhibits root growth)

  3. Put in 6” of soil.

  4. Cut up tater parts and plant them 4-6” apart.

  5. Add another 6” of soil.

  6. Perform appropriate water and sun dances. (Singing is optional).

  7. When plant grows 6” high, bury the green stuff by adding another 6” of soil.

  8. Repeat water and sun salsa.

  9. The plants will sprout up again – when you see another 6” of stalk, add another 6” of soil.

  10. Do this until you get to the top.

  11. The plant will flower. Wait until flowers die off.

  12. End of season. Cut off all the green stuff – down to the soil.

  13. Wait one week. Empty the bucket, removing your tato’ treats.

  14. Enjoy your potato-palooza! Tater Pizza, Tater Chips and Fluffy Tater Garlic Mash.

While the plant nursery I recommended is an obvious lunch-packing trek to Langley on Whidbey Island (which does include that stupid little water toll), but if you do make it to Bayview be sure to look around for the sweetest little calico kitty, usually found napping near the register. She willfully endures gentle scratches behind the ear, even from total strangers.

bayview and garden kitty cat


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