Dinner at Oddfellows Cafe–Capitol Hill, Seattle



When this Fatty had dinner at Oddfellows Café with some Fatty-friendly friends, I was skeptical before walking in the door. I checked out their Web site before dinner, and not only is it the most annoying, over-Flashed Web site on the planet, but I was über-unimpressed and uninspired with the menu selection. So, it was with trepidation that I ventured up to The Hill and paid $10 for parking in the converted KFC parking lot on 10th.

I guess you can’t judge a restaurant by their shitty Web site and you can’t always judge a menu without some sort of smell-o-vision. The smell in the air was clearly the pulled pork sandwich—and it smelled like heaven.

Menu: The menu is very simple with one option for various protein (a chicken, a steak, a pork), as well as a vegetable risotto. Four sandwiches and a few salads round out your dinner options. The three of us went for the sandwiches: BLT w/ avocado, French Dip, and a Cheddar, Tomato, Ham Panini. All three were served with a side of perfectly dressed wild greens—a refreshing option from typical fries (although we spotted the fries, wrapped with butcher paper and served in a tin can, and all agreed we’ll indulge in a side next visit). The BLT and Panini were served on Texas toast and had plentiful ingredients stuffed betwixt the pieces to again reverse my skepticism that I’d be disappointed with only a mouthful of giant bread.

Service: I’ll be honest (you expected something different?), it wasn’t great. Our server told us about 30 minutes after he took our order that he’d forgotten to put it in. Lucky you, Oddfellows, I was with “the girls” and we were so engrossed in our vag-chat that it didn’t bother us at all. And I have enough fat reserves that waiting for my dinner isn’t going to kill me. He was charming enough and offered us a round of drinks on the house; we practically welcomed the extra girl-time together. 

Oddfellows Café proves that simple + good food = winning combination. Stop by, grab a seat at one of their painted-white picnic tables and enjoy a meal with a good friend in this lively, (somewhat hipster), joint. Go on a warm night so that you can savor the wide open windows—truly a café—and pop around the corner afterwards for some Molly Moon’s


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