Meet Frost Doughnuts (Mill Creek, Washington)


frost donutsThe sad suburban North-end crowd finally has a reason to get out of the bed in the morning… welcome Frost Doughnuts! This fried dough factory just launched in July, promoting their version of “evolved doughnuts” for the minivan mommys in area. It is located right next door to the swanky high end grocery store Central Market, in the uber-hot-spot outdoor strip mall in Mill Creek. Unfortunately they’re not going into the biz unchallenged, as a new hometown fav, Top Pot, has also opened a shop in the mall, just inside the University Bookstore. Is there room for two big donut dogs in the creek? That remains to be seen. But Frost is making big efforts, like all the other newbie food joints opened in the last year, the Frostologists are knee deep in social media, shouting flavours of the day on Twitter and using a Facebook promo page to feature an online deal: “15 gourmet donuts for the price of a dozen” available on Fridays.

The Fatties were delivered a box of donut selections available mid-week. Note that flavours change frequently, and that many sell out early in the morning. Also, from perusing the tweets it seems the owners/bakers are adventurous chefs, testing out new flavour profiles and asking for feedback from the crowd. Clearly they aren’t afraid to switch things up or take suggestions from the minions – which is a truly inspiring way to play the food game these days. So here’s what the Fatties ate:

Smokey Bacon Maple Bar: A clear thievery from Voo Doo, but there’s no denying this is a great taste combo. The bacon nuggets were a bit sparse (as you can see), so this one could use some improvement in the presentation department. Must eat fresh.

Red Velvet: It looks dry. It tastes dry. No amount of cream cheese frosting could cover that up, but it’s a cake donut, so I don’t think it ever really had a chance. The true charm of a red velvet is the velvety-smooth moist interior of the cake (usually attained from huge additions of oil, buttermilk or other fats). How can you get that into a cake donut without it falling apart?

Bourbon Pecan Caramel: Think pecan pie topped sugar donut. Good sticky stuff.

Salted Caramel: Best in the bunch, this old-fashioned donut offered a wonderfully moist cakey interior and was topped with a generous thick rich caramel frosting. The salt crystals seem to have melted into the frosting. Even though this donut was quite good, I’m confident these guys could whip up a version with a better salt bite.

Banana Split Fritter: Very tasty sugary fried frittery goodness! Though there’s not much banana taste to be discovered. Perhaps rethink the name or switch up the recipe? They don’t quite fit right now.

PB&J: Filled with a generous portion of peanut butter AND jelly, this baby can fill you up. And the frosting is topped with a layer peanut chunks – hell, I think that makes this one a meal. frost donuts in box

Overall Frost offers a nice selection of fun, new, inventive varieties of fried dough goodies, and with an a constantly evolving menu we’re bound to make our way back up I-5 just to taste their latest creations.


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