FattyChow Gets 10,000th Hit!



Fans! You love us! You really love us!

We’re elated, ecstatic and overjoyed that FattyChow has reached our 10,000th hit this week! Yay! And we want to take a moment to thank you, our fans, our followers and our fellow Fatties, for playing on our front lawn, no matter how long the grass got, or how rickety the chairs were, or even when you had to bring your own beer. You’ve been with us through the good bites and the bad and no matter how sparse our posts, or ridiculous our rants or how offensive our ramblings, some of you fans have been with us from day one. So we’d like to take a minute to thank our number one follower – the Google Crawler! Oh GC, how you’ve endeared yourself to us, always dropping by to give us a little nudge, whether the weather was dreary, or the inner-tubes were full, or Oprah was skinny, or fat, or skinny, or fat. You never let us down. You never let us forget our love for food and fatty and the fatty foods we love. So to celebrate our 10,000th hit we’re sending our pal, Google Crawler, a FattyChow t-shirt for his endless support and encouragement.

That is, as soon as we get FattyChow t-shirts. Unfortunately this Fatty wouldn’t know how to build a logo unless it called for a stick of butter. If somebody wanted to build a logo for us, maybe using the inspiration in this post’s picture here, that wouldn’t suck. If that somebody did do that we would maybe even send that person a box of cookies, because cookies, that is something we know. We are, after all, board-certified Fatties, and they just don’t hand that diploma out to somebody who can’t create some seriously divine cookie magic.


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