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This year this Fatty attempted to grow my own food. Amazingly enough – I succeeded! Feast your eyes upon this plentiful bounty of tasty homegrown spuds. We planted our french fry feast in a large 50-gallon trash can and followed the close directions of the kind staff at Bayview Farm & Garden, where we purchased […]

First off, let me accept my shame by admitting that I have again committed a food sin, this time by knowingly and willingly taking in a dinner at crApplebee’s, the notoriously dull chain that seeps everything I loathe about suburban blandness. Lured in by a dining companion, we elected offerings from the current $20 promo […]

 **(a post that breaks blog-length “rules,” but when you see how much food we ate, you’ll see there was no way around this) Where the motto is “It’s not your Momma’s Meatloaf,” Diner 437 more than delivers on that promise and exceeds all expectations. In fact, self-proclaiming that they serve “American Comfort Food” is nothing […]

   When this Fatty had dinner at Oddfellows Café with some Fatty-friendly friends, I was skeptical before walking in the door. I checked out their Web site before dinner, and not only is it the most annoying, over-Flashed Web site on the planet, but I was über-unimpressed and uninspired with the menu selection. So, it […]

The Fatties would like to take a minute out of our normal fun food fighting to tackle an issue that is simply too overwhelmingly disturbing to ignore. In our attempt to make our obnoxious rant at least somewhat food-related, we’d like to not only skewer this guys nuts up onto a big steel rod, but […]

The sad suburban North-end crowd finally has a reason to get out of the bed in the morning… welcome Frost Doughnuts! This fried dough factory just launched in July, promoting their version of “evolved doughnuts” for the minivan mommys in area. It is located right next door to the swanky high end grocery store Central […]

Fans! You love us! You really love us! We’re elated, ecstatic and overjoyed that FattyChow has reached our 10,000th hit this week! Yay! And we want to take a moment to thank you, our fans, our followers and our fellow Fatties, for playing on our front lawn, no matter how long the grass got, or […]