Ice-creamy-cake-ice-creamy-cake… no, it’s Ice Cream & Cake… silly.


fudge crunch cakesThe latest jingle to dance its way into your head is undoubtedly the new Ice Cream & Cake promo being run by the fun folks at Baskin and Robbins. Did you know there’s actually a full song? You can see the video on YouTube, of course. Me, I’m happy with the edited commercial version which features dancing plastic cake figurines obscurely hopping around Robot Chicken style. And while I’m not sure it’s better than the beloved Nannerpuss anthem, sprouted from the genius minds over at Denny’s, it’s certainly does the job of planting a seed of necessity for one of those frozen frosted fudge crunchy cakes, especially in this hideous wave of angry heat (because obviously the sun is just in a bad, bad mood). And remember, any ice cream calories consumed during a 90* day is immediately prespired off during the long walk from the car to the front door. Burn baby burn.


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