Cupcake Royale Opens in Capitol Hill: 22 July 2009


cupcake royaleWhile the Fatties are devout followers of the cupcake artistry at Trophy Cupcakes, we’re more than happy to savour tiny cakes wherever and whenever they sprout. Cupcake Royale is yet another Seattle cupcake bakery whipping up little cake goodies topped with delicious mounds of creamy frosting, and now they are doing it at a new location opening the doors on Wednesday, the 22nd, at 1111 East Pike (next to the Annex Theater). Bring a friend for the dash inside (since we all know parking will be non-existent here) and make sure to snag their July Cupcake of the Month: Strawberry! Even just gazing at the picture, I’m already in love. Pitter. Patter.

strawberry cupcake royale

If you’re worried they might not have your favourite flavor in stock, you can even order cupcakes online. Then just select a pick-up time and location and your goodies will be boxed up and waiting for you on demand. A nice feature, but really, when is the delivery coming? PJ-only days are fairly common amongst the Fatties, so food delivery is pretty much a necessity. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t go out and announce the opening of a new Cupcake Royale location and then surrepticiously invite people over with the overt implication that you’ll be serving said lucious delights when you clearly are not, but instead elect to spend your new paycheck on the latest Coach bag. That’s just mean spirited.


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