Finally, a Reason to Dress Like a Cow


chick fil aFriday, July 10th is Cow Appreciation Day at Chik-Fil-A. Unfortunately, there are no chicken shacks here in Seattle (closest locale is up in Bellingham on campus at Western). Still, we couldn’t pass up promoting a food event this cool. Simply fully dress up like a cow (they say you must “make an effort head to toe”) and you’ll be served a free combo meal! And if you lack the imagination to whip up a cow costume on your own, they even offer a free “costume kit” to get you started. They are also having a photo contest should you wish to publicize your shame, or just vote on the ridiculous things people will do to their own kids.

For the truly brave and bold, I’d suggest stripping down to the skins and having your friend use a Sharpie to draw big black circles all over your body. Then just add a braided yarn tail and a pair of paper ears and you’re set. Of course I’m sure the dog wouldn’t mind be dolled up with you… stupid animals don’t mind dressing up and being shamed, but I wouldn’t try it on the cat, especially while you nekkid. Now if you own one of those metal chainmail suits designed to protect you from shark attacks, or worse yet, an angry kitty, feel free to dress your cat up bovine-style for a free sandwich and fries. Of course unlike dogs, cats have a tendency to hold a grudge (ask the fatty whose feline performed some precision peeing after being ignored for a long weekend), so you may want to consider sleeping in your armour for a few days. Or at least hiding the Kate and Coach bags securely in a lock box until the Evil Death Stare (shown below) starts to fade.

cat cow costume


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