Top Chef Masters: Professional Chefs Battle to the Death


turkey buttholeWell, maybe not exactly to the death, but it is delightfully good fun to watch the professional foodies get berated by judging diners, whether they be curmudgeon critics or silly girl scouts. Hosted by Kelly Choi (who?), this reality series subjects serious prize-laden chefs to food contests with an ultimate prize of a $100K donation to the charity of their choice. With a little switch on the original series, Top Chef, the Masters round hand-selects four relatively famous chefs to compete in two challenges to secure a winning spot. After six episodes the six winning chefs will then compete in an elimination round until just one master stands. During a recent episode the chefs were required to use nasty animal innards as ingredients… which is nothing less than nauseating. And while I’m no vegetarian, I’ve got no interest in eating turkey buttholes, no matter how expertly Wiley Dufresne prepares them.

And although $100K is a sizable and kind donation for any charity, this seems a pitiful pittance as several of the chefs have already achieved Food Network celebrity-status and can quite easily afford such a contribution on their own. I sincerely hope the final master kicks in a matching $100K just for good measure.


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