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Schwan’s, an old timey dairy delivery joint has a promotion starting tomorrow, August 1st, where the first 500,000 customers to sign up to become a new customer will receive $10 in free food. What exactly does that mean? Well, it’s not quite clear. The timed countdown promo site states the rules of the promo won’t […]

The latest jingle to dance its way into your head is undoubtedly the new Ice Cream & Cake promo being run by the fun folks at Baskin and Robbins. Did you know there’s actually a full song? You can see the video on YouTube, of course. Me, I’m happy with the edited commercial version which […]

There are those that will eat any ol’ bowl of broth with vermicelli noodles and consider it good pho. Pho is cheap, popular in the PNW where there is a large Asian population, and, unfortunately, very trendy right now, which makes every asshole in the world want to open a pho restaurant. Signature on lower […]

A new season of Hell’s Kitchen aired on Tuesday, July 21st and proved, yet again, that summer TV isn’t always for network shows that can’t hang with the big cats during the fall line-up. Gordon Ramsay has always been a favorite of the Fatties—as is anyone that can spew bile so eloquently. “Fuck off, you […]

Sure, you’ll try, but failure is certain. I challenge you. Simply dine at the new Long’s Provincial (located downtown Seatown on 2nd Ave) without making one Long Duk Dong reference. Impossible. It simply cannot be done. I’m sure all the waiters have been overwhelmed with questions about parking the car, all in an effort to […]

While the Fatties are devout followers of the cupcake artistry at Trophy Cupcakes, we’re more than happy to savour tiny cakes wherever and whenever they sprout. Cupcake Royale is yet another Seattle cupcake bakery whipping up little cake goodies topped with delicious mounds of creamy frosting, and now they are doing it at a new […]

Visit your local Starbucks tomorrow before 10:30am with invitation in hand and enjoy one of their new pastries free of charge! To print the invite: Or if you have a fancy phone, open this page in a mobile device and flash it to the barista: Note that Starbucks wised up after the KFC/Oprah […]