BluWater Bistro (Green Lake)


crab mac n cheeseIf you haven’t been to the BluWater in the last two years, it’s time to go again. When this bistro first opened they were desperate to be hip, offering plates that had more flash than flavour, and practically begged to christened a trendy PNW eatery. However, they’ve grown up a bit, from a dark and dreary joint staffed with sickly stick figured xanax-drenched waitresses with sullen attitudes, to a bright and charming eatery with an eclectic mix of obscurely tattooed wait staff that is well trained to top off your glass (despite your pleading to leave it empty). They’ve even sprouted several new locations – Belltown, Lake Union, Leschi, Kirkland and Green Lake. The bistro has updated their menu with amazing and unique daily specials that actually change everyday. They also offer a delightful weekend brunch, luring you in with $3 mimosas and bloody marys, but keeping you happily seated for a plate of sensational Grand Marnier French Toast.

Our last few visits have been to the Green Lake location which cheerfully shines in the Seattle summer sun, as they blow out the front window walls and open the tables up to face the busy sidewalk and lakeside breezes. Selections plucked from the menu include Artichoke Dip (needed more cream cheese), Blue Cheese Salad (needed more blue cheese), Caprese Sandwich (one diner thought the dressing odd, the other found the pita stale) and the Crab Macaroni and Cheese. I’d discovered this last one while perusing the menu during a previous breakfast visit and dreamed longingly about devouring it on a future trip. Slowly, with each creamy salty bite, I would gladly dispute the adage about the failed partnership of seafood and cheese. Unfortunately my dreams were so lavish, I overshot the goal and the eventual delivery of my plate left me deflated. While the crab portion was truly generous, the soupy sauce was far too loose (as pictured), lacking that thick texture I prefer where an abundance of cheese helplessly drowns in a hot cream base.

Future visits will certainly include another crab menu item, perhaps the Rangoons or Lasagna. Or maybe I’ll be steered off course by one of those inspiring daily specials. Should any of you out there have one of those BluWater giftcards they mail around the neighbourhood, let me know. I’ll be glad to offer you something enticing for an exchange…


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