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With the economy in the crapper, all kinds of folks have found themselves wandering the aisles at the dollar store these days. I know this because I actually heard the English language the last time I was there. Weird, huh? Anyway, I’m a huge fan of cheap crap so I’m all over the dollar store […]

More American than Apple Pie, classic Macaroni and Cheese is a family tradition that spans the regions of our country. In the south, we’ll find variations included fried macaroni and cheese balls (locally you can find them on the kids menu at the Blazing Onion in Mill Creek) or casseroles studded with various pork bits. […]

As a traditionalist, I opt for the bechamel sauce base in my macaroni and cheese dish. The basic deal: melt butter in saucepan, add flour, cook it up for a couple seconds, and add milk (cold, skim, whole fat, whatever), then stir vigorously. This is considered a milk sauce or milk gravy, but tastes like […]

Today, Tuesday May 12th from 4-8pm they’ll be handing out free scoops of ice cream at the single lonely Haagen-Dazs location here in the PNW, found right in middle of the totally inconvenient U-district. And while I love me some tasty creamy premium ice cream, haven’t we heard that nothing is really ever free… First […]

Let’s face it, the pasta you choose stars as the big sexy meaty body that makes up the substance of your macaroni and cheese wet dreams. Choosing the right noodle is essential for setting up your dish for success, as the pasta must lay down, tightly embracing each other while cooking, a perfectly set meal […]

Before you head out for endless shots of Cuervo chased by piles of stale nachos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this week, you might want to stop by your local Taco Del Mar for a quick bite. This Mexi holiday they are hosting the 5-pounder Challenge, where a single person can try inhaling a 5-pound […]