I Prefer Vikings to Pirates


vikings3Pirates these days are really giving Pirates a bad name, aren’t they? So, I think we should back the Norse warriors for now. Vikings it is. For my first shout-out to the Vikings, I went to the Viking Tavern in our charming Swedish town, Ballard. It’s the quintessential neighborhood bar: comfy, the bartenders know you even if they don’t know you, good juke box, shuffleboard. It gets busy at nights in the small bar. But go during the day for lunch. Two saucy bartenders will tell you exactly what they think about whatever while you watch the local noon news. Occasionally they’ll serve “one more” to the one old guy sitting at the end of the bar.

And they serve food. For bar food, it’s goooooood. I had a brisket sammich appropriately drowning in the house, tangy and sweet barbeque sauce, served on an onion Kaiser roll. I also had a choice of chips. I went with Maui Onion. Of course, it also came with a dill pickle. The beer-in-a-can selection is traditional, but small: Rainier or PBR (a regular fave of mine). Nothing out of the ordinary, like say, a Schlitz, but still good beer in a can with a great sammich. We will definitely be back for more brisket, beer, barbeque, and maternal barmaids. 


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