Pies & Pints (and Cans—OH BOY!)


hammsbearWay to go Ravenna! As if we didn’t think you were adorable enough, you are the proud mama of Pies and Pints—a down-to-earth eatery that specializes in pot pies and that fancy-schmancy beer. It also serves beer in a can. Refreshing beer in a can. Hamm’s the beer refreshing. From the glory days when cartoon characters sold us beer.

I ordered the steak pot pie and in true fattychow style, I took advantage of some optional toppings: mashed potatoes and gravy. The pie was a humble size, but hearty (especially with the mashed potato topping). From the standard side-choices, I had the mac ‘n’ cheese—it was mediocre at best; somewhat grainy and could have come from a box. They also offer sweet potato fries that I sampled from someone else’s plate; not bad at all, though I don’t prefer the sweet potato variety of fries to real ones.

I’m sure we’ll be back for comfort food topped with comfort food and Hamm’s in a can soon!


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