Bacon Overload… is it Possible?


butterscotch-puddingLast Friday the fatties spent the night with Tom Douglas and a hundred bacon-lovin’ foodies at the much-buzzed event, Baconopolis. We were welcomed in to the Palace Ballroom, located in the center of Seattle’s Tom Douglas corner, where all his restaurants are neighbourly playmates. Before even entering the building we were hit with the first of 11 bacon tastings, a slice of classic-cut Oscar Meyer fried up on a flat top parked on the city sidewalk. (Scattering bacon pit-stops around town would go a long way to improving morale in these tough times.) This was merely a bacon palate cleanser suited to prepare you for the salty, smokey piggy pieces being served up just inside the door (find the Butterscotch Pudding pictured here). Each patron was also gifted a single drink coupon for the open bar, featuring a tomato-water-bacon-salt concoction, though it seems few went for seconds on that one. All treats were served hors d’oeuvre style, a two-bite tease presented in a unique and original manner to highlight the bacon’s texture and flavour, all vying to win the bacon-off vote at the end of the event. Bacons were featured from around the country – Washington, Oregon, Kentucky and even Minnesota (pigs live in the snow? do they have sweaters? who knits piggy clothes?), and were presented in both fun and functional ways. The event even featured an amusing bacon slide show (including shots of stacks of bacon, bacon placemats and well, Kevin Bacon, of course) and the crowd was awarded with bacon-infused raffle prizes (including a bacon lunchbox, a bacon wallet and gift cards for free sides of, you guessed it, bacon). The menu:

  1. BLT
  2. Pea Salad with Bacon Bits
  3. Bloody Mary with Bacon Garnish
  4. Bacon Hash
  5. Braised Bacon in Pork and Beans
  6. Classic Carbonara
  7. Elvis’s Favorite Sandwich – Hot Peanut Butter, Banana and Bacon
  8. Tempura Fried Bacon
  9. Butterscotch Bacon Bits
  10. Butterscotch Pudding, Bacon-Fat Confit Apples, Candied Lardons

butterscotch-baconHighlights include the Tempura Bacon, an artery paralyzing guilty pleasure that was fried to perfection, Elvis’s Sandwich, served on mom’s banana bread base, smoothed over with fresh creamy peanut butter and topped with crunchy bacon love, and the Butterscotch Bacon Bits, a generous chunk of pork belly gingerly draped to-order with butterscotch caramel sauce (pictured here). I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of creativity, wishing some of the chefs would try being more innovative, especially in the presence of Mr. Douglas. Surely they could’ve selected bacon-partnering with more enticing ingredients, like blue cheese, figs or corn, rather than whipping up grandma’s tired picnic pea salad.

The winning bacon was chosen by a raging round of applause, the Butterscotch Bacon Bits, served up by Bavarian Meats located here in Seattle. What a coincidence… you can also find their bacon served up during brunch at Tom’s Dahlia’s Lounge. If you missed out on this baconfest and now find yourself with a bad case of the sads, you can check out Tom’s future foodie events by visiting here and purchasing tickets for other tastings, cooking summer camp, or make rezzies for treating your mom for Mother’s Day brunch. Most importantly you must be wondering if, in fact, the fatties did become bacon overloaded? Oh stop. Really now. You’re just being silly. There’s no overloading on bacon, not when there’s enough of a crowd around forcing you to maintain your composure, limiting yourself to an appropriate number of bacon tastings. Of course we did give it a good college try…


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