Tom Douglas Invents Heaven, Calls it Baconopolis


bacon-eventSOLD OUT! Tagged as the social event of forever, you can rest assured your local chow hound girls, the Fatties, will be there in person, bright-eyed and empty-bellied, ready to indulge in some tasty fried pork goods. If you want to know more about this one, jump over to Tom’s site and you’ll find a short description of Baconopolis… a hosted bacon tasting being held this Friday at the Palace Ballroom. They’ve teased our senses with mentions of butterscotch bacon bits… please toss mine on some sweet and savory bruschetta. We’ll be taking notes, taking photos and, of course, taking the big purses. And after the show we’ll undoubtedly be out-blogging the fatty-wannabes that will be swarming knee-high at this event. And you might as well put a couple pounds of bacon on the shopping list now – I’m sure we’re going to be overwhelmed and overjoyed with new inspiring bacon-laden treats in need of many rounds of testing.


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