Beer here!


Yay for Beer in a Can!

 “Good gin, cheap  beer” is my motto. I love Hendrick’s and tonic with a cucumber garnish, or Junipero with a lemon twist. But when it comes to my beer, I don’t need your fancy-schmancy brew-pub beer at $4.50 a pint. I was over my Heffeweizen days in 1995.

Nothing screams “summer” to me than an ice cold beer… in a CAN! And damnit, it’s above 50 and the sun is (was) shining, so you might as well call it summer in the PNW now. So, break out the tall-boys. I’m ready for beer.

Cheap beer is oddly trendy these days. Unless it comes in shoes or a handbag, I typically buck anything trendy, but I’m willing to accept the “I heart cheap beer” phenomena. Because what this means is that I can enjoy beer in a can in restaurants that serve relatively decent food; I’m no longer relegated to my front lawn, hiding my can from the fuzz. This summer, I salute those establishments that will serve me cheap beer in a can with a relatively decent meal; I will sing your praises in future posts. Bonus points if you don’t ask if I want a glass with that. Huh? I just ordered beer in a can, dude. No, I don’t want a glass. I’m rather partial to the aluminum taste.


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