Thank You TDM!


yes-to-tacosI hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy your free tax day taco from the fine folks at TDM this week. The fatties managed to limit ourselves to one freebie, though we certainly spotted some younguns that looked to be doing the TDM loop around Puget Sound. We’re pretty sure not only were they skipping school, but they were obviously also dependents, rather than tax payers. Perhaps next year they will require W-2 proof of tax payments in order to receive taco tax relief. And just once, I wish we could enjoy a nice coupon and promotion without some asshole demanding more than the fair share. Lacking pride, taste, dignity, we watched this crusty middle aged woman come marching in trying to give an ultimatum to the TDM staff. Clearly this woman was well-enough-off, sporting a dowdy JC Penney cardigan set, she shoved her colour printed coupon under the taco maker’s nose and tried to fight for a free fish taco. The kindly taco staff advised that the promo was only for chicken or beef, and sadly they could not meet her request. (BTW, the coupon also fails to mention that you cannot have your taco topped with a line of premium Columbian white, but somehow we all manage to get by.) She proceeded to piss and moan, trying to get a rise out of others in line who clearly wanted nothing to do with her. She eventually gave in, took her free taco, bought nothing else, left no tip and abandoned hope that anybody would be giving in to her  demands, surely retreating to her underground cave where taco terrorist reside.

Just once, can’t people be decent, thankful and appreciative when we’re being handed a freebie? Even the shankapotamuses at Fox News took the how-to-be-an-ass-face lead on this tax day, showing what dipshits they could be at the Hannity-sponsored tea party demonstrations. Enough taxes, really? How original. It was quite obvious that many of those nasty little red necks spent the afternoon bad mouthing the president for whatever sin (not attending church or being black or something equally as important) while at the same time, without hesitation or guilt on that same day these jackasses undoubtedly took advantage of his generous tax benefits that were given to 95% of the crowd. Hypocrites… every last one of them. They’re called manners people – look into it.


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