Deal a Dud for Dennys


empty-dennysWe arrived at our local Denny’s chapter first thing in the morning for BOGO promo day, which for us self-employed fatties lands at around 9:45 am. As you can see from our photo proof here, there was no line, no crowd, no immigrant overload to speak of! While this must have been a big let down for the chieftons that run our only diner, we easily enjoyed our feast of Grand Slam and freebie Slamwhich with much delight. Then, to top off our adventure, we were reunited with our favourite crusty, carcinogen loaded, antique waitress we’d lost contact with many months ago. For long-time FC readers, you’ll remember many fond memories of Joanne, who not only serves us well, but often joins the conversation and shares the trials and tribulations she endures on the job. Recently promoted, Joanne no longer enjoys the coinage left by cheapy Shoreline tippers, but at least she has her Fridays free. Now as one of the leader indians she finds herself in charge of ensuring a bullshit-free zone, and Joanne has quite the knack for this duty, escorting the crazies (homeless), the drug addicts (wandering in the kitchen) and the non-tippers alike (a school teacher and his entire class of penniless rugrats) off the premises. With these new duties, we’re thinking of buying her one of those Nancy Kerrigan beatdown sticks should she need to defend herself. Of course, I suppose they sell only that kind of white trash paraphernalia at Walmart…


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