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Pirates these days are really giving Pirates a bad name, aren’t they? So, I think we should back the Norse warriors for now. Vikings it is. For my first shout-out to the Vikings, I went to the Viking Tavern in our charming Swedish town, Ballard. It’s the quintessential neighborhood bar: comfy, the bartenders know you […]

Way to go Ravenna! As if we didn’t think you were adorable enough, you are the proud mama of Pies and Pints—a down-to-earth eatery that specializes in pot pies and that fancy-schmancy beer. It also serves beer in a can. Refreshing beer in a can. Hamm’s the beer refreshing. From the glory days when cartoon […]

Last Friday the fatties spent the night with Tom Douglas and a hundred bacon-lovin’ foodies at the much-buzzed event, Baconopolis. We were welcomed in to the Palace Ballroom, located in the center of Seattle’s Tom Douglas corner, where all his restaurants are neighbourly playmates. Before even entering the building we were hit with the first […]

If the food chains keep it up with the free offers, we’re going to make it through this economic crisis after all. It’s no TDM or Ben & Jerry’s or Denny’s, but if you’re desperate enough that you’re about ready to start dumpster-diving for your next meal, KFC is offering a free piece of its […]

Beer here!


 “Good gin, cheap  beer” is my motto. I love Hendrick’s and tonic with a cucumber garnish, or Junipero with a lemon twist. But when it comes to my beer, I don’t need your fancy-schmancy brew-pub beer at $4.50 a pint. I was over my Heffeweizen days in 1995. Nothing screams “summer” to me than an […]

SOLD OUT! Tagged as the social event of forever, you can rest assured your local chow hound girls, the Fatties, will be there in person, bright-eyed and empty-bellied, ready to indulge in some tasty fried pork goods. If you want to know more about this one, jump over to Tom’s site and you’ll find a […]

Dust off those capris, drag out those flip flops and take a razor to that 40-acre foreset you call your legs – it’s springtime in the northwest!  For you vampires and and overcast lovin crusty-skinned girls who live for the days when the thick gray soupy sky drips onto our horizon. This time of year […]