Listen, bitch, I’ve had it!


nutrishWe gave you ample warning a year ago, Rachel Ray. Little did we know how much this would foreshadow the marketing bullshit you’d pull off over the past 386 days. You went from a food special on making dog treats to actually marketing them. Yeah, yeah—100% of the proceeds go to YOUR charity and you’ve named the kibble ridiculous shit like “Booscotti” in honor of YOUR late dog Isaboo and then “ish” it up with YOUR “signature” lexicon. Get bent. Look lady, I’m all about helping the animals; the Fatties donated to PAWS before writing this post. But this reeks of shameless self-promotion, you twit…

…just like your effing “garbage bowl” that you’re now pawning off to the American public. As if we’re not in enough of a financial crisis, you decide it’s a good idea to sucker people into paying $18 for a lousy bowl that you’ve branded as a special garbage bowl?





The next time I run across your mug on the tube, I’m going to throwish my shoeish at the screenish.


One Response to “Listen, bitch, I’ve had it!”

  1. 1 lovin'thefattys

    Ummm – HIGH-LA-RI-OUS!!!! Can’t STAND her.

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