Viva la VeggiChop!


dsc01292I’m not usually one for shortcuts in the kitchen—I don’t own a food processor and I mix my cookie batter by hand (despite the Epicurean Edition Cuisinart Mixer sitting in my credenza). But I’ve been introduced to a new gadget that I just love and am compelled to share: The VeggiChop™ by the fine folks at chef’n.

VeggiChop is a mini, elbow grease-powered…well, veggie chopper. It’s got a giant ring-pull to “power” the chopping blades and a non-skid base to keep everything stable when you get ready to pull your way to deliciousness. I wouldn’t use this gadget for your standard, every day chopping. Need a finely chopped onion? Just chop it already. Stop being a lazy jackass. But what it is perfect for are chopping-intensive recipes. I’ve used it for buckets of mirepoix, a chop salad, salsa, and guacamole.

I thought you might need some pictures, so I treated myself to a mexi-snack for demonstration purposes. I quartered 2 tomatoes, sliced a ring of sweet onion, ripped off a bunch of cilantro, and snagged some jalepenos from the Costco-sized jar in my fridge. Throw ‘em in the VeggiChop, give it 10 pulls or so, and you’ve got homemade salsa that even Jose would be proud of! Rinse it all off, throw in a couple of avocadoes, some tomato, a little onion, more cilantro (yay cilantro!), a couple squeezes of lime, and give it another 6-7 pulls—voila! (er, ole!) guacamole!


My guacamole and salsa fiesta? From the grocery bag to serving—6 minutes total. And, I had to stop to take pictures…

Recommendation: if you’re making something with various chop-sizes, you should add last those that have the roughest chop. For instance with salsa, you should VeggiChop your cilantro and onion first, then add your tomatoes for a few pulls if you like a chunkier salsa.

Suggestions for chef’n developers: you should totally make the VeggiChop talk after you pull the ring! Just like retro-cool talking dolls! The Fattys would even volunteer to come up with a set of snarky recordings for you to use in your next version of the product.

With the VeggiChop and our churro cart, I think we’re only a couple of greencards away from a steady source of income.


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