Bacon Salt, Baconnaise and Baconpaste


bacon-saltIf you haven’t been swept over by the phenomenon known as Bacon Salt you’ve obviously been living in acre of forest amongst wild woodland creatures. Meanwhile, the rest of us have enjoyed the joyous salty, smoke pork-inspired bacon dust designed to coat savory dishes. A favourite combo is Bacon Salt and pan-roasted corn. Mmm. Also try it on popcorn, hard-boiled eggs and any potato cut. As I was looking for inspiration for new culinary matches, I turned to the company’s own Bacon Salt Blog. I found that even the blog’s motto will foster affection from the occasionally-curmudgeony FattyFreef: “The never-ending quest to make everything taste like bacon.” Hearts.baconnaise

It was at the blog that I learned that these guys are also the creators of the new Baconnaise product which has been “featured” on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart as heart failure in a jar. Sure it’s been good fodder, but knowing it’s from the same genius minds that put together Bacon Salt, this sandwich spread is going on the shopping list this week. My first tests will include the turkey sandwich, deviled eggs and perched atop my finger. I also can’t wait to try Baconpaste, their inspirational new bacon-flavoured toothpaste, which should be out by the end of the summer.


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