March Munchin’: Dine Around 30/$30 for the Next 30


giant-forkIt’s time to pull out your 30/30 FattyChow Matrix <TM> and get your plans together for 2009’s spring session of Dine Around Seattle. Despite the struggling economy, they organizers stuck with the 30/$30 formula, so my wish that they might return to the original 25/$25 deal was denied. Nonetheless the fatties are ready to drag our chubby butts to a trendy eatery near you. We’ll be armed with our handicap parking sticker (neener neener), adorned in divinely dramatic and adorable springtime trenches (it’s our thing) and decorated with exquisite overpriced handbags, always large enough to store any take-home treats or charming wine glasses that need to find their way back to our homes. Now you know how to spot us fatties, so should you be able to find us in the crowd. Do so and you may even be rewarded with FattyChow memorabilia or maybe we’ll just let you pick up our check.

Time to go find the biggest fork you can get your hands on and head out for some Hefty Happy Chowing!


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