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We gave you ample warning a year ago, Rachel Ray. Little did we know how much this would foreshadow the marketing bullshit you’d pull off over the past 386 days. You went from a food special on making dog treats to actually marketing them. Yeah, yeah—100% of the proceeds go to YOUR charity and you’ve […]

I’m not usually one for shortcuts in the kitchen—I don’t own a food processor and I mix my cookie batter by hand (despite the Epicurean Edition Cuisinart Mixer sitting in my credenza). But I’ve been introduced to a new gadget that I just love and am compelled to share: The VeggiChop™ by the fine folks […]

For those interested in classic Seattle history we visited old-timey Richmond Beach this week to take in dinner at Hills Neighborhood Restaurant, located next door to a fire house off 195th. We were intrigued by the packed in parking lot for this tiny joint tucked in behind a law office. Even mid-week the lot was […]

I like to jazz up my store-bought food the way Xzibit likes to work up stank old Cadillacs. This week I had a can of Pillsbury Grands Cinnamon Rolls treading over the expiration date requiring quick action to whip up some doughboy magic. In an effort to mimic one of my favourite bakery treats from […]

If you haven’t been swept over by the phenomenon known as Bacon Salt you’ve obviously been living in acre of forest amongst wild woodland creatures. Meanwhile, the rest of us have enjoyed the joyous salty, smoke pork-inspired bacon dust designed to coat savory dishes. A favourite combo is Bacon Salt and pan-roasted corn. Mmm. Also […]

It’s time to pull out your 30/30 FattyChow Matrix <TM> and get your plans together for 2009’s spring session of Dine Around Seattle. Despite the struggling economy, they organizers stuck with the 30/$30 formula, so my wish that they might return to the original 25/$25 deal was denied. Nonetheless the fatties are ready to drag […]