Terracotta Red Bistro (Everett)


terracotta-ribsIf you’re like me and you’ve fallen out of love with PF Changs, let me introduce you to a new Asian bistro experience. Terracotta Red Bistro, located just east of downtown Everett, is a unique and bold experience worthy of the drive up I-5. And while the bizarre name suggests Spanish or Italian fare, they live up to their self-promoted description as a modern Asian bistro. Our dining adventure was Sunday night dinner for a party of two, which can sometimes be a challenge for a family-style establishment. Instead, our waitress advised the appetizers were half the size of the entrees, making it possible for us to indulge in a mini-bite extravaganza. Our selections:

terracotta-potstickersPork & Chive Pot Stickers: A family favourite, I order these anytime I spot them on the menu. Unfortunately, these did not live up to expectations, lacking interior flavor. They seemed to be meat-only, deficient in ginger, seasonings and chopped vegetables. Now my understanding is that, like our American meatloaf, each Chinese family has their own pot sticker recipe. As such, it seems a bit harsh to impose negative remarks, but as you know, that is quite frankly our style. A bit lame, but devoured nonetheless.

Terra Wok Seared Baby Ribs: The spiciest of the bunch, but also one of the most flavorful. Generous portion of six ribs doused in sweet and spicy plum sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds. Also noteworthy, the Chinese cucumber salad, a simple but delicious neighbour on the plate. As fiery as I can handle, which means it probably rates 1 out of 5 stars.

Chicken Satay: Another healthy portion here of six chicken skewers served alongside a tasty zesty peanut sauce. Good, but can easily be reproduced.

Crispy Pork Belly: Served with sweet potato chips, this salty, sweet and oh-so-perfectly-porky dish puts bacon to shame. Eaten immediately upon arrival to your table it instantly melts in your mouth. Divine.

Five Spice Duck Confit Salad: I ordered this specifically for the soft tender duck, and was most pleased, but I’d also mistakenly anticipated crunchy skin pieces. Worse yet, I also failed to note that the accompanying lettuce was strictly frisee, a lacey, pungent weed-like leaf which is impossible to shovel in your mouth without slapping it across your cheeks. Not date food.

Garlic Noodles: For a 5 spot, this was the deal of the night. And this was no ordinary noodle-roni side. These were clearly hand made noodles, soft and supple as they caress the insides of your mouth, they were a delicate delight.

Banana Bread Pudding: Proof positive as a bistro, dessert was a unexpected joy. Normally I’m not one for old mushy bread in soggy custard, but the amaretto caramel sauce was worthy of licking the bowl clean. Not that I did that.

Other considerations…

  1. Watch out for the hostess. While we were quickly and properly escorted to our table, her flowery perfume emanated for least another twenty minutes.

  2. Huge plates. Even if you’re only a party of two, ask to sit at a table for four. Naturally, they saw us fatties coming.

  3. Try Happy Hour. Many appetizers are offered as $3 dishes. Even in this economy we’ll show you how to be a chow hound.


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