Cle Elum Bakery (East Bumblefuck, Washington)


cle-elum-bakery Even without generating advertising revenue, FattyChow is already starting to show a return on investment. Whoop whoop! We’re proud to announce that our fans have started delivering upon us fatty specialties and treats to engage our palettes and inspire our imaginations to wax poetic on foody goodness. Apparently stuffing my jaws with tasty treats allows my fingers to tickle the keyboards with fanciful glee!

Most recently this fatty was gifted a box of special order donuts to make up for that last box of lousy Krappy Kremes. Included was an assortment of local goodies from the Cle Elum Bakery located, well, wherever the hell Cle Elum is. It appears to be dotted due east… perhaps somewhere you end up if your trip to Ikea goes horribly awry. Should you wish to venture this direction I would recommend a stop by the Cle Elum Bakery. I’d also advise bringing along your passport, a trusty compass and some bear repellent for good measure. Back to the point – the donuts. While a variety was included, the most important one is pictured above: a Bavarian-inspired donut, sliced in half to include significant amounts of creamy insides and properly doused with chocolate ganache, which provides the proper donut-cream-topping ratio. Delish.

So now, thanks to you, our loyal fans, FattyChow has become such an overwhelming success, we’ll be moving forward with partner sites DolceandGabbanaChow, AlaskaAirChow and AquaQuipChow.


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