Me Gusta el Yummo Churros!


seattle-restaurant-store-logo Have you been laid off yet this week? Or are you training your replacement in Bangalore this summer? Is your company so broke even embezzlement isn’t worth the effort? Maybe you’re going broke paying $1200/month to maintain health insurance in case you get an infected hangnail. Well, if you watch the news from time to time you’d realize you’re not alone.

Once you’ve been escorted from your former job, you’ll then discover the $350 you get in unemployment benefits isn’t going to support the luxurious lifestyle you’ve manage to create with the support from your friends at Visa. And MasterCard. And American Express. These times call for desperate measures and the girls at FattyChow are working on some money-making schemes to strip Bernie Madoff of his last nickel. First up…

  1. Adopt a Churro Cart.

We were driving past the Seattle Restaurant Store this week and spotted a Churros Cart parked right out front! Without any regard for slow-moving (but quickly aging) pedestrians, we made an immediate sharp turn to investigate further. Upon close inspection we were initially disappointed to find that they were not actually schlepping hot crunchy churros right there on the spot, but we were eventually overjoyed to find the cart was for purchase! Perfect mid-day or late-night munchies, churros hit the spot whether accompanied with your afternoon caffeine drip or along with your intoxicated midnight indulgences. Personally, I would enjoy wheeling around mastering my own Churro Universe and serving up sugary Mexi goods, but if you’re lacking the proper sales drive you can opt to pop down the street to the Home Depot where they are stocking people for purchase. Who needs Craigslist ads when you can come here and pick up an illegal immigrant of your choice to work your churro chuck wagon. Just peddling to his cousins alone should account for a couple dozen sales every day! All you need to do is find some good hot spots to park your Churro Wheel of Dreams, like mid-day at the baseball fields at Green Lake, tourist trapping at the cruise ship terminal, late night strolling in Fremont or anytime at the very busy unemployment line. Then get ready to count your millions, one peso at a time!



One Response to “Me Gusta el Yummo Churros!”

  1. Ha Ha! Let’s make a deal, we’ll have you peddling churro’s in no time

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