Kingfish Reigns Supreme



If food is love, then soul food is a hot, steamy, torrid love affair—neither is good for your heart, but you just can’t stop going back for more. The Kingfish Café delivers not just traditional soul food, but also food that is made with soul. You can actually taste the love in the fried chicken.

The Kingfish is popular and they don’t accept reservations. I’ve never seen an empty table in the place, but have somehow never waited more than 15 mins to be seated. The trick? Go with 4 or less. More than that and you have to wait for multiple tables to clear. Besides, it’s a quaint space with a cozy atmosphere—don’t ruin it with your giant birthday party. Try Red Robin for that.

On a recent visit, we had mounds and mounds of food. Our meal comprised:

·         Fried green tomatoes and hush puppies—delectable and fried to perfection

·         Side salad—sounds simple enough, and usually against true FattyChow religion, but they add lardons to theirs. And the dressing is a spicy Cajun vinaigrette that gives it a zip without hiding the flavor

·         Fried chicken (perfectly seasoned), mashed potatoes and gravy (perfectly-whipped, perfectly-peppered), and collard greens (spicy and healthy)

·         Side of cornbread—an honorary Fatty for the evening thought there was a foreign object in his serving. No, it was just REAL CORN!

·         The biggest slice of Red Velvet cake I’ve ever seen. It’s a triple-layer monstrosity that is so big, it’s served on a full-size dinner plate. My last visit to the Kingfish yielded a less-than-appetizing review of their Red Velvet, and people, I know my Red Velvet (maybe they had an off-night last time?). But this trip, I was pleasantly surprised by the dense, but spongy and moist, bright red cake and cream cheese frosting. My only complaint: the cake layers were easily an inch deep each, but the frosting layers were miniscule. They also drizzled caramel over the mounds of whipped cream they serve with it. I’m not a fan of caramel; the other Fatty isn’t a fan of whipped cream.

While we’re all depressed about losing our jobs, our homes, our minds, the Kingfish is the perfect comfort food. And despite its generous portions, adoring atmosphere, and palate-pleasing food, it’s still inexpensive. In addition to the above, we ordered the Cajun Jerk wings and Mac ‘n’ Cheese to go (for a friend who couldn’t make it—we’re not THAT fat), and each had a top-shelf cocktail; our bill pre-tip was only $112. If you need to breathe some soul into your lifeless self, the Kingfish Café should be your first stop.


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