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If you’re like me and you’ve fallen out of love with PF Changs, let me introduce you to a new Asian bistro experience. Terracotta Red Bistro, located just east of downtown Everett, is a unique and bold experience worthy of the drive up I-5. And while the bizarre name suggests Spanish or Italian fare, they […]

If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch an episode of Food Network’s latest entry into the competitive food genre, Chopped, let me save you an hour of your life that’d be better spent weeding the front yard. This latest dish of spew is served up by Ted Allen who sprang to notoriety when became […]

Even without generating advertising revenue, FattyChow is already starting to show a return on investment. Whoop whoop! We’re proud to announce that our fans have started delivering upon us fatty specialties and treats to engage our palettes and inspire our imaginations to wax poetic on foody goodness. Apparently stuffing my jaws with tasty treats allows […]

Now that we’ve started dishing out television advice, let us be the ones to introduce you to RuPaul’s Drag Race. For safety’s sake, be sure to slip on some secure, reliable protection before you slide on over to the Gay Channel (139 on my dial), as this is the real deal folks. RuPaul, the 90’s […]

My Dreamy British Heartthrob, the divine Chef Gordon Ramsey, has returned to Fox for another round (5th season for those counting) of Hell’s Kitchen. If you’re new to the planet, you’ll need to dive into this foody reality show which pits 16 wannabe chefs against each other in culinary battle to impress the stubborn perfectionist […]

Have you been laid off yet this week? Or are you training your replacement in Bangalore this summer? Is your company so broke even embezzlement isn’t worth the effort? Maybe you’re going broke paying $1200/month to maintain health insurance in case you get an infected hangnail. Well, if you watch the news from time to […]

  If food is love, then soul food is a hot, steamy, torrid love affair—neither is good for your heart, but you just can’t stop going back for more. The Kingfish Café delivers not just traditional soul food, but also food that is made with soul. You can actually taste the love in the fried […]