RoRo BBQ & Grill (Wallingford)


ribs As us locals know, Seattle has a long history of failed barbecue joints. Even those brave entrepreneurs who ventured in our weak PNW barbecue industry were met with cold ugly reality that the average Seattlite lacks the proper taste for knowing the difference between good brisket and an old pair of Birkenstocks. What other explanation can you provide for how Tony Roma’s and Chili’s repeatedly win top BBQ honours around these parts? How pleased we were to then find RoRo BBQ and Grill, a sneaky little lunchbox joint located on Stone Way, several blocks down from the liquor store.

We first heard of RoRo from a buy-one-get-one coupon that landed in our mailbox some time back. Our first trip was quickly ended as we arrived to find the place closed (Sunday night). And although our coupon expired (fatties love a good deal), we ventured out to RoRo’s again, intrigued by rare neighbourhood BBQ allure. Having lived in Texas (enter shout-outs here), I’ve experienced proper BBQ etiquette, including meals of hot meat slabs served on a sheet of wax paper, paired with a slice of Wonder white and a half-gallon of cavity-guaranteed sweet tea. Unfortunately RoRo didn’t offer any of these typical Southern treats. However, they do present a menu with a variety of BBQ sandwiches, entrees and sides to tickle your barbecue delights.

I opted for the classic Pulled Pork Sandwich, which arrived naked pork, softly slow-roasted, on a toasted kaiser. Our waitress (perhaps an owner?), then provided us with a fixins run-down, educating us on the 6 sauce vessels on our table. They provide several house-made sauces ranging in heat from 1-3 stars, and for those daring enough there was an extra condiment shelf offering lung-collapsing, fire-starter pepper sauces from around the globe. The real show-stoppers here were the side dishes. Each sandwich comes with your choice: 2 sides or a vat of French fries. While they do have sweet potato fries (a fatty favourite), I opted for the choice sides, including barbecue baked beans, perfectly stewed and savoured with bacon goodness, along with the recommended macaroni and cheese, which swam in a heavily peppered, somehow grainy sauce (goat cheese?). After spotting other diners devouring the corn bread muffins, it’s clear these are a must-have for our next trip. So if you’re in the mood for shredded animal of your choice (cow, pig or chicken), or a slab of glossy ribs, we say give RoRo’s a try.

Downsides: Street parking, bad music, no dessert (where’s the sweet potato pie and peach cobbler?!?) and overly-peppered mac n’ cheese.

Upsides: Good prices, loads of choices (even vegetarian) and PBR in a can.


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