Red Velvet at the B&O


Seattle is not without its fair share of coffee houses—from the big chains with mermaids on their cups to the boutique cafes to the street corner baristas downtown. You can find the perfect drip on every corner in our fine city. B&O Espresso falls in the middle, but unlike some coffeehouses that serve day old scones and unremarkable muffins, B&O serves some of the best desserts around. And the fatties love dessert!


Knowing this Fatty’s undying appreciate for a good Red Velvet, a friend recently special-ordered me a ½ dozen Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting from B&O Espresso, and pastry chef extraordinaire, Suzanne Chesley delivered the perfect cupcake—they were the best we’ve ever had. They were moist and had the perfect texture. And the frosting was a creamy delight (no crusty buttercream for us!). At first bite, FattyFoz thought the frosting might need a little more powdered sugar, but she quickly changed her mind (and devoured the cupcake whole). Even better, the frosting-to-cupcake ratio was spot on—the frosting at its highest, perfectly-piped peak was equivalent to the height of the cupcake. You could tell a true artist was behind these decadent delights. The 6 cupcakes didn’t last more than 2 days between the 2 Fatties.


so prettyred velvet on my plateperfect frosting



Before you start in with your “I’m from the South and cream cheese frosting has no place on a Red Velvet” comments, I’ll just stop you here. B&O doesn’t usually put cream cheese frosting on their Red Velvet cupcake, but goes with the more “traditional” frosting—my cream cheese frosting delights were special-ordered. But lending some authentic cred to my claim that it is, in fact, the perfect frosting for a Red Velvet, Honorary SouthernFatty Paula Deen uses it on hers. So save your breath.


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