Grand Slams aren’t just for baseball


Our adoring fans know that we can be found at a Denny’s every Friday morning (stalker alert: we’ll stab you with our forks and then continue eating our sausage while you lay bleeding to death next to our booth and never miss a beat). And after a long hiatus from our beloved staple (we’d moved across the street to Shari’s for Stuffed Hashbrowns for the past few months), we went back last Friday craving Moons. While our favorite crusty waitress Joanne is nowhere to be seen anymore and we have to suffer through breakfast being served coffee by ADD-John-Who-Forgets-To-Take-His-Ritalin, we were pleasantly greeted with new breakfast delicacies:


·         Grand Slamwich—actually beats out Moons over My Hammy™ hands down. Toasty bread laced with maple syrup, scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage bits, thinly sliced Canadian bacon, and cheese—all perfectly grilled.

·         “Pancake Puppies”—yeah, umm… yum. It’s a basket of “donut-holes” made out of pancake batter, fried, with cinnamon and sugar and a side of maple syrup for dippin’. You know, I don’t think that I’ve ever met a food that can be dipped that I didn’t like. It was ridiculous.

·         A new toy machine—one of those ones where you can try to “grab” a stuffed animal. After two failed $0.50 attempts at a Gremlin, we gave up. But still…


I present you the Grand Slamwich and Pancake Puppies:


Before Devouring

Before Devouring


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