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As us locals know, Seattle has a long history of failed barbecue joints. Even those brave entrepreneurs who ventured in our weak PNW barbecue industry were met with cold ugly reality that the average Seattlite lacks the proper taste for knowing the difference between good brisket and an old pair of Birkenstocks. What other explanation […]

Krappy Kremes


Krispy Kreme may have their hoards of fans waiting breathlessly for the HOT NOW sign to illuminate, but this fatty has been disappointed in their donuts for the last time and is officially adding them to The List. During a recent venture to the North Seattle Krispy Kreme location we stopped for a half dozen […]

Seattle is not without its fair share of coffee houses—from the big chains with mermaids on their cups to the boutique cafes to the street corner baristas downtown. You can find the perfect drip on every corner in our fine city. B&O Espresso falls in the middle, but unlike some coffeehouses that serve day old scones […]

We were compelled to visit the Lunchbox Laboratory this week to investigate a dining spot that promotes an intriguing manifesto welcoming the “fat and hungry.” Rumors were that this place stretches far beyond a typical burger joint, and offers unique and generous portions of burger dreamery. To find The Lab, be sure to wear your […]

Our adoring fans know that we can be found at a Denny’s every Friday morning (stalker alert: we’ll stab you with our forks and then continue eating our sausage while you lay bleeding to death next to our booth and never miss a beat). And after a long hiatus from our beloved staple (we’d moved across the street […]

We broke the first rule of blogging, which is to keep blogging. Any and all excuses are lame, we agree, but you should know that we’ve battled many demons to return and are ready to weasel our way back into your hearts. If you’re ready to get back to action, stay tuned for our regular […]