Vicodin Peach Fuzz


Most humblest apologies to our FattyChow Fans for the lapse in posting. While one Fatty has been submerged in trivial work-related happenings, the other has been slumbering in a Vicodin daze. As such, after rigorous testing, I offer you the best foods to accompany your narcotics of choice: liquor, beer, Cheetos, wine, Slurpees, cold medicine, Cherry Coke and, of course, any other accessible drugs. Our featured concoction of the week: The Vicodin Peach Fuzz

1 part Absolut Apeach
2 parts White Cranberry Peach Juice
1 part Cherry 7-Up (or regular lemon lime pop)
1 dose Vicodon

To prepare, mix first three ingredients in glass with ice. Take pill(s), chase with liquid refreshment. Be fuzzy.


One Response to “Vicodin Peach Fuzz”

  1. 1 You’re going to die anyway… | FattyChow

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