Hell’s Kitchen Returns


Our favourite Scottish treat has returned in the fourth season of Hell’s Kitchen… and the fatties are abundant. Highlight of the first show occurred during the presentation of signature dishes. When tasting one dish, a raw preparation featuring scallops, caviar, capers and white chocolate – Ramsey actually pukes after the first swallow. Ha! In the coming episodes, I hope that they’ll just arm Chef Ramsey with a big club, so when he’s storming about educating the younglings, he can also give them a big ol’ whack in the head. Losers should also be dropped off at the local Jack in the Box until they can learn how to properly prepare a proper Sourdough Jack.

A quick rundown of my favourite contestants. There’s Bobby, who claimed he was the “black Gordon Ramsey.” He seemed promising, but he was a fast let down when, after begging for the job, he couldn’t manage the kitchen. I also liked Jen, the line cook, who showed some real spunk, but failed to make rice. There was, of course, ditsy blondes and dweeby 20 somethings boys sprinkled in – I can’t wait until Gordon lets loose on Barbie and the Backstreet Boys. His insults are some of the best dishes served. And jesus, somebody needs to call Willa Wonka, because Louross is an obvious escaped oompa loompa and somehow found his way on the set.

First to bite the dust, the stay at home dad. No surprise here. It’s not like Gordon’s new LA eatery is going to be serving fish sticks and Hamburger Helper. Piss off kid.


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